Registered Golden Retriever Puppies - Company Message

Future Litters  

We are accepting deposits to reserve your puppy.

Yas & Choc 
Due Date: 2/20/20 
  Yas  Takoda of Soonerpuppy            

  Choctaw "Choc" of Soonerpuppy     

Shiloh & Choc
Due Date: 2/27/20
Shiloh of Soonerpupppy     

Choctaw "Choc" of Soonerpuppy    

Pam Truett
PO Box 5 
Bromide, OK 74530
580-638-2244   (home)
580-371-1862   (cell)  

Darlene Truett
580-638-2370 (home)
 580-371-1863  (cell) (email)

One of our beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies with our grandson